Monday, August 9, 2010

We're Baaaaaack

As you can tell from the dates on my previous posts and the promotion game in Valdosta over the past semesters (or the lack thereof), I've been off the scene for a while. But I am here to say that TEAM BILLIONAIRE IS BACK!

And doing big things, at that. Now I'm not going to go into full detail of what we have in store for you for the upcoming year just yet, but please believe you will be able to follow us on our journey. And with that, giving you some of the best experiences of your college career. As you all know, you can catch me on, but you will also be able to get a first hand look at how a real promotion team works with our new Video Blog: Behind The Scenes. Be on the look out for that.

Now for what you've all been waiting for. WHERE THE PARITES AT? Along with Stay Fresh Entertainment, we bring you THE HOUSE PARTY: The Official Back To School Party August 14 at 10pm! Now I know what you're thinking..."I'm going to whatever party I can get in for free!" Well guess what...IT'S ALL FREE! Sexy ladies, free! Fly dudes, free! Even if you a duck bitch, FREE! (everbody needs love). In addition to free admission, we decided to give you ANOTHER freebe. BOTTOMLESS CUPS! That's right, your eyes are not deceiving you, free liquor...ALL NIGHT!

So ladies, dress up like your trying to make your ex jealous. And dudes, throw on some fly ass sneakers, because these females gon have yall RUNNIN' like Shanell!

A Gaze Into The Future: 8/12/10 at 12 noon, our promo video for our next party will drop.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Open Letter To XXL Magazine

Good Day To Whom This May Concern (EVERYBODY IN THE XXL OFFICE),

I usually come professional with these types of things but I have to make an exception for you guys. HOW IN THE FUCK DO YALL SLEEP AT NIGHT!!! So this morning I woke up and rolled me a joint and checked out (like always) and what do I see??? OJ The Juiceman for your XXL Magazine Freshman Of 2010. First I thought I was seeing things, so I checked my calendar (I thought it was April 1st). So after checking my calendar, I hit the link hoping that OJ miraculous got better with his rapping skills, but for the 2nd time today I was DISAPPOINTED Like WHAT IN THE FUCK we're yall thinking...1st off OJ has been in the for 2-3 years so how is he a freshman? I know he probably did in high school but hopefully that guy didn't get kept back in the the rap game too. DAMN To the camera guy who recorded his freestyle...WTF, Did you hear that garbage? Did you think it was ok to turn that shit in? A little voice in your head didn't tell you "Yo, son this is wack, I need to cut and tell him to write something else"? And this isn't hating, its just the truth yall needed to hear. Like have some respect for yourselves and the culture you guys are trying to represent. How do you think OJ make our Hip Hop culture looks. How do you think OJ make XXL look. Yall just lost MAJOR credibility. And its not even a North or South thing, nor is it a lyrically or non lyrically thing. He is overall a WACK ASS artist and he shouldn't be representing my culture (Its kinda disrespectful). He only had 1 decent verse in his 2-3 year career (on "Vette Pass By") what does that tell you? I was actually supporting yall and this issue of your magazine because yall were actually marketing the issue, and because yall had some dope artist as the Freshman of 2010, but now? *SMH* Yall should be embarrassed and ashamed of yourselves. Who said this was ok? Whoever signed off on this and said it was ok needs to be FIRED NOW because they don't have any hope in life...


Thanks For Listening,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Current Thoughts On The Future Of Hip-Hop

I was listening to this Don Cannon x Cool Kids (Gone Fishing) mixtape and had an epiphany. I know that you as while as myself have been EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED in what hip hop has become. Like its so cookie cut right now its sickening. We have figured out the recipe to being on the radio and tricking labels into shooting a video to your song. They say "If Its Easy Everyone Would Be Doing It"....And they are. BUT I also realized today that everything happens in cycles, and this Hip Hop culture is about to press the reset button. Like listen to The Cool Kids, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Wale, Big Sean and the other "Leaders Of The New New School". Like we are about to get back into the REAL essence of Hip Hop. ORIGINALITY, FRESHNESS, ARTISTRY. The 2nd Generation of Hip Hop are is dying out and its up to us to rebuild our culture. Like Indie labels are on the rise so the major labels are about to become irrelevant to our culture, and the opportunity for the new and IMPROVED Russell Simmons, Sean Combs, and Shawn Carter's will present themselves. So we can turn this industry on its ears once again, and make it better. We have a blueprint in branding and we have already seen what we can make of this opportunity.

Think about it, mixtapes is the way to be heard these days, and what are people making and dropping every 2 weeks? You got it...Mixtapes. And this Cool Kids mixtape is sounding like THE BEGINNING OF OUR CULTURE.

We are finding our cool within being a gangster isn't cool anymore (No Disrespect To The OG's). So a lot of artist and people in general are feeling relieved because they can finally be themselves and this is opening up a whole set of lanes that haven't been touched. So you don't have to lie about selling bricks now, so you can actually talk about your real life and be accepted in this new generation of hip hop. This is why we can wear Crooks And Castles instead of Dickies and why we can smoke planes instead of Swishers.

We are FREE of the stereotype rappers and people who want a career in music. We own NBA teams now, we own 50% stakes of MAJOR Vodka companies, we are making hundreds of millions off of clothing and fragrances that we are creating. We know that its Deeper Than Rap its about our CULTURE.

We are more educated and more in tuned to things that is going on in the world, so our music could be more global and carry more substances. We dont have to be thugs anymore, so we can actually have fun making music again. We have to do this for the love of it because the quality of the music will always be great, and if you hot the money will come.

The Greats That We Look At Are Getting Old And They Are Looking For Some Relief...And We Can Be That

So Lets Press The Reset Button And Lets Build This Empire Again

So This Is Going To Be The Spring Break Anthem

Wiz did this song justice...This that white paper music...And this song made me research Empire Of The Sun

Monday, February 1, 2010


So as you can see I've been BEYOND slacking on this blog...BUT thats about to change...I view my life as a movie or documentary so I will be using this as the script...You see mine, as well as my colleagues views and opinion about music, fashion, politics, sports, and just life in general. I will present worthy up and coming talent and you get to see the making of a different events that will be happening around me.

Peace and Love,

~A. Billi

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fly Fridays:Part 2:Girls

YO! Hey party people! Es here with another Fly of post! lol This time, ladies first! Last Friday, we did outfits for going out and going to the club, but we're gonna change it up. We're gonna think out of the box this time around! I want to see people rocking things they usually wouldn't. Let's see who can pull it off! Head-to-toe, let's go!

Oh, and again, all items from they are the shit...duh.

*The Extras:Large Satin Bow Headband ($18)

I don't why this hasn't caught on more. I'm a sucker for bows, big or small and everywhere! I think it gives character to an outfit, especially if ya just rocking skinny jeans and tee. Some might think its looks Lady Gagaish, but it's not bunny ears, you good! lol So if you feel like having fun with ya outfit and being a little girl again, cop the bow! lol

LeSportsac:The Eunice Bag ($128)

Now ain't dope! A tote/backpack! I know all my ladies in college are like, "YASSSSSS". It truly annoys me when chicks got a backpack on and still carry their purse...looking like they going to the airport or something. I've seen many bags like this but they all seem u-g-l-y to me. This one actually looks nice. It may seem a little big in the pics, but remember, they stuff the shit out of the bags when they try to sell it to you. I want this bag...asap!

Nikita:The Backlash Jumpsuit ($109)

Jumpers aka jumpsuits are def making their way back onto the fashion scene. I've seen many jumpers out and they all look the same to me. Like a tank top connected to some shorts. This particular is interesting. Not only is it pants and long sleeves but it has a hoodie. The pants and sleeves can be extened to be longer by the way. I really like this one. And the short sleeve/shorts jumpers, only really skinny girls can pull that off-real talk. If you can butt, boobs, and hips, those kinds of jumpers aren't for you-thank me later. But this jumper, everyone can rock, as long as they have ya size! lol Really cute design, also can rock this to the club! Nikita: The Frisky Hooded Cape ($44)

Here's another item I've seen designers do a lot lately as well. The cape. I think it takes the right girl, with the right swag to pull this off, but hey that girl might be you! It's simple, can still move ya arms and stuff and it's different! Appears to be made out of sweatshirt material, this cape probably warm as hell! I won't recommend rocking leggings with this item, but yea, that's just me! Dare to be different, rock a cape!

Obey: The Twlight Skirt ($72)

I love these kinds of skirts. There is probably a name for this style of skirt but I'm unaware of it at the time being. I'm not posting this skirt so much for the color (kinda boring), but more for the style. This is how to do a short skirt ladies! It's fun and still classy and fashionable! Pair this skirt with a nice clean crispy Oxford shirt or a cute tank top and you are stylin' on the hoes! You can wear tights with this kind of skirt, but no leggings!!! Honestly, people wear leggings more than they should. Cute skirt to rock on anyday-cop!

Melissa Shoes: The Melissa Joy + J. Maskrey in Black with Swarovsky Crystals ($293)

Melissa Shoes: The Melissa Joy + A.H. ($99)

Ok, ok before yall get ya shoe laces all up in a bunch, let me explain these shoes. Oxford's are usually a men's style of shoes but since fashion is so ..forward, designer's are making Oxford's for women as well. And the Oxford is as dope as ever! Now these particular Oxfords are a funkier than most out there but if worn right, they could be boss and accent an outfit well. Like the black crystal studded ones:white tank top+black blazer+skinny black jeans=fly. For the fuchsia ones:square scarf thats a shade of pink(like light pink)+plain tee (black or white)+dark wash skinnys=fly. Simple and casual. Tip:When you got shoes that are colorful and just out of this world, make sure that the rest of your outfit is simple.Cause if it's not, than you look tacky.

Ok, that's it for this Fly Friday ladies! Now, don't go cop all these items and wear it all at once! Remember what I said about each one and shop wisely! And as always, stay flyyyyyy!

Fellas-you next!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fly Fridays: Part 1:Girls

*in DJ screaming voice* All the fly girls, make noise! All the fly girls, make noise! All the bum girls, be quiet! All the bum girls, be quiet!

Ok, time for us ladies to get fly as well! Since all us ladies love a good deal on some threads, all the items will come from!  Very dope site to cop some of the latest in streetwear. Ok, first off jewelry, since we don't really rock fitteds on a night

Steven Shein:The Money Over Bitches Stacked Necklace (reg.$40,sale for: $21.95)
Melody Ehsani: The Chain Ring ($98)
I loveeeee this necklace and chain ring! The Steven Shein necklace is like the streetwear version of high fashion statement jewelry. It's always money over bitches! M.O.B! lol And the Melody Ehsani three finger ring is so ill! The mutiple fingered rings are def making a comeback from the 80's and 90's and it's coming back doper than ever! Melody Ehsani is well known for her jewelry and I see why! Go cop!
NYC Boutique: The Natalia Dress in Black and Yellow ($62)
Really nice dress to go club hopping in! The zipper detail is ill! Very nice clean cut dress. The black and yellow together are just dope, doesn't look like a bumble bee at all. Very sexy but not slutty! Also available in a green/pink colorway.If you think you can pull off this dress, go cop!
pa:nuu:The Gyta Oversized Asymmetrical Top ($70)
Now if you are a dancing machine like me, no tight dress with do you justice! You wanna move and dance like a bird, you wanna get loose! lol So here is this nice loose top by pa:nuu for us to wear! Clean cut, simple and pretty! Pair this shirt with some black skinny jeans and some ankle boots-you're free to boogie all night long!...I said boogie! lol
Melissa Shoes: The Melissa Ashanti ($120)
Zigi Shoes:The Diva Heel($85)
Now some girls love there closed toe, small heel boots, like myself. And other girls like the open toe high heel, like some of my friends! lol Both shoes are hot and I feel would go with any outfit for a night out with the girlies! The boot is new and interesting hence the shine and design. And the Diva Heel is a shoe that every girl could find an outfit to go with. Both nice shoes. I usually urge my girlies to go with black shoes, because black goes with everything anf when you start to do pink, purple, blue, yellow, etc shoes, it's starts to look messy instead of chic!
Remember ladies, hit up Karma Loop for some of the hottest threads!!!!
*sorry for the delay, life happens! Forgive me! lol*